Can Service Design Save the World?

Came across an inspiring interview (with a grandiose title) from 2006 over at the NextDesign Leadership Institute with Chris Downs of Live|Work and Gill Wildman of Plot. Lots of good stuff but this was especially nice:

One of the reasons why designers don’t often get to work in this area is that by the current nature of the practice (and here’s my epiphany in this conversation), I believe most designers are still waiting to be invited to the game!

The age of the designer passively waiting for the dream client and dream brief is now over! That’s official. If “designer” means anything now, I hope it comes to stand for the kind of activist who can grapple with the scale, complexity and interdependency of world issues. Just pick one, and then initiate new things that bring people together to work.

Don’t wait for the clients. Just get on with it.

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