Seizing the White Space

Peer Insight has another set of case studies out. This time for the Helsinki-based Tekes Serve Program. The 86-page report is titled Seizing the White Space: Innovative Service Concepts in the United States [PDF 3.8MB].

It’s a series of twelve service innovation case studies pulled from four industries: Insurance and Financial Services, Professional Services, Wholesale and Trade Retail, and Logistics.

  • The Hartford
  • Bank of America
  • MyBizHomepage
  • Crow Chizek and Company LLC
  • NineSigma
  • LRA Worldwide
  • Ingram Micro
  • Sitoa Corporation
  • American Girl
  • Total Quality Logistics
  • ServiceBench
  • Brivo Systems

Peer Insight again uses Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation framework relating to the Process, Offering, Delivery, and Finance capabilities of an organization. Here’s the summary of key findings.

The case studies reveal how service innovators go beyond the traditional types of innovation and explore the white space in their markets. That is, they look beyond the traditional competitive levers to uncover new ways to create value for customers. The analysis using the Ten Types of Innovation shows several new areas in which service companies are innovating–including the value network, the channel, and the business model–to create high-growth businesses. The most innovative firms in our research are skilled at (1) focusing on the white space that competitors have overlooked, (2) getting deep insight into customer needs in that white space, and (3) translating those needs into unique customer experiences.

There’s also some analysis of the ten types of innovation across a broader range of 100 companies from past research, particularly focusing on the different approaches taken by the most and least successful service innovators.

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