International Journal of Co-Creation

Here’s another resource on co-design that I stumbled across earlier this week. It’s a quarterly UK journal from Taylor and Francis called, appropriately enough, CoDesign International Journal of CoCreation in Design and the Arts.

The aims of CoDesign are:

To report new research and scholarship in principles, procedures and techniques relevant to collaboration in design; to act as an international forum for discussion of collaborative design issues; to foster communication between academic researchers and industry practitioners concerned with collaborative design; to encourage a flow of information across the boundaries of the disciplines contributing to collaborative design; to stimulate ideas and provoke widespread discussion with a forward-looking perspective.

The journal is only in its third year and I had trouble tracking down a local copy but you can download a sample issue in PDF to see what it’s all about.

They take an expansive view of co-creation. Any group collaboration is technically an act of co-creation, regardless of whether or not designers facilitate it so the journal focuses on an understanding of team dynamics. Another focus is an analysis of interactive artwork since it requires the viewer to play a fundamental role in the expression of the art.

Of the articles I had access to, the one that best reflects co-design in the service design sense (rather than co-production or general collaboration) is “Symbiosis Between Participation and System Design: From Interactive Art to Urban Development.” Several of the non-freebies look like they’re worth checking out too.

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