Bain’s Global 2007 Management Tools and Trends Survey

A while back Rosenfeld Media surveyed business magazines and analyst firms to get a sense of their “UX consciousness,” inferred by how often terms like “usability” or “user experience” came up in their literature or on their websites.

Bain & Company’s Management Tools and Trends Survey [PDF 448K] provides a similar view into the world of management (and management consulting). Since 1993, they’ve surveyed executives around the world about the management tools they use and how effectively those tools have performed. For the 2007 survey, they focused on 25 of the most popular tools and techniques that are “relevant to senior management, topical (as evidenced by coverage in the business press) and measurable.”

There’s a bare glimmer of overlap with design techniques. Starting this year Bain began measuring collaborative innovation and consumer ethnography for the first time. The techniques show up on the radar of fewer than half the executives surveyed.

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