InterSections 07 Podcasts

A few weeks ago, Core77 blogged about a panel at the InterSections conference with Chris Downs, Gillian Crampton Smith, Heather Martin and Jeremy Myerson that sounded intriguing. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any other information online. No blog posts, no photos on Flickr; I was beginning to think they made the whole thing up.

The conference organizers finally reified things by posting full transcripts and podcasts of the conference. The transcripts are a nice touch, and something the folks at Emergence should consider adopting. Good link-cred.

Here’s the panel discussion that I was interested in:
What’s the new know-how in service design?

They discuss examples of good and bad service design, the core skills involved and whether traditional notions of craft, beauty and visualization are still important.

[via designswarm]

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