Retail Design Diva

Despite my skepticism about retail design, I find myself getting sucked into the Retail Design Diva weblog. For some reason they constantly refer to themselves in the 3rd person (“Diva thinks this, Diva thinks that”) but don’t let that turn you off. There are plenty of insights into customer service, the hospitality industry and store design that seem relevant to service designers.

  1. Nithin Narayanan

    Hi there,

    I am Nithin from New Delhi-India.Great content on the blog.I am majoring in retail Design right now.Here in India ,retail is still at a nascent stage hence one does not find opportunities to express and contribute to new avenues such as retail, online or on traditional media.

    I would love to contribute to the blog in any which way possible.I would truly appreciate if you do give me a chance.

    Thank you,

    Nithin Narayanan

  2. Jeff

    Hi Nithin, I don’t focus on retail design on this blog, but if it’s a subject you’re passionate about, I’d encourage you to start a blog devoted to the subject. If you do, be sure to send a link; I’m always interested in reading about new points of view.

  3. hi Jeff,
    i am Nithin.I an sending you the address of my blog.It is am writing about retail as a academic subject and also the current scenario of the sector.

    Retail here in india has come a long way and has potential to go ahead in the comming years.

    Do let me know if this wets your appetite and still I hope that I could contribute to your blog some day.

    Thank you,
    Warm regards,
    Nithin Narayanan

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