UK Approach to Public Services

Demos, the “think tank for everyday democracy” responsible for last year’s excellent Journey to the Interface, has published a new report called Making it Personal [PDF 504K] about self-directed services in the UK:

This report advocates a simple yet transformational approach to public services — self-directed services — which allocate people budgets so they can shape, with the advice of professionals, the support and services they need. This participative approach delivers highly personalised, lasting solutions to people’s needs for social care, education and health at lower cost than traditional, inflexible and top-down approaches. It could transform not just social care but many other public services, including maternity services, mental health provision, education and training — especially for those excluded from school, drug users, offenders seeking rehabilitation and much more.

[via DesignThinkers]

  1. I like the this participative approach.

    I have a question about the public service transformation in the UK.

    Can you tell me more about the vision of the government of public service, let’s say in 2015.

    Can I find vision statements, process blueprints, storytelling / service scenario’s about public service in the future (sites/documents).


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