Pocket Guide to Service Design Principles

Here’s a nice overview out of the Cabinet Office in the UK. Pocket Guide to Service Design Principles [PDF 1.8MB]

Service Design should be an integral part of policy making — policy should be developed with full regard to how it would be implemented and delivered. That means understanding the customer, the delivery chains, the organisation and the communities that they serve.

They pull out a list of service design objectives: “Organisations will strive to be excellent, accessible, equitable, efficient, effective and empowering.” There’s also a list of nine service design principles: Personalisation, collaboration, responsiveness, openness, flexibility, reliability, value, learning and innovation. Strangely, the document is 9½ x 7 inches; maybe the term “pocket guide” means something different in the UK…

For further reading, there’s a list of publications to check out on their website (at the bottom of the page).

[via Open Eye]

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