ThinkPublic Podcast

Neil McGuire interviews Deborah Szebeko of ThinkPublic, a London design agency focusing on public sector service design. Here’s the podcast [MP3 11.7MB]

My thoughts now, especially after working on quite a few projects in the public sector, is whether we actually need to be focusing on innovation all the time or are the services actually 30 years behind and we just need to bring them up to date before we can innovate? I think that for me sometimes the challenge is that we’re asked to constantly keep innovating, but the people we’re asking to help innovate aren’t at that point in the present. So I believe we have to have a balance of both and if we can get people to the stage of where they believe in themselves that they can actually maybe change small things in their environment in their public sector service then actually they can start to look at the big changes they can make.

Besides the question of constant innovation (3:45), Szebeko talks about the history of service design in the public sector (0:34), common problems for service design to address (1:30), how to engage people in the process (2:40), moving from other disciplines into service design (5:34, 7:00, 10:10) and how to open the public sector to the possibilities of design (9:00).

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