Innovation in Experiential Services

The London Business School has released a paper on Innovation in Experiential Services [PDF 564K] with some great examples that bridge service design and experience design.

The paper references nearly 100 case studies from companies like Royal Caribbean, Virgin Atlantic, American Girl Stores, the Apple Retail Stores, Build-A-Bear Workshops, Joie de Vivre Hotels and the Disney theme parks as well as European examples from YO! Sushi, first direct, Land Rover, the Eden project, the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and Die Glaserne Manufaktur (the Transparent Factory) of Volkswagen in Dresden.

The authors explore the metaphor of “the service journey”:

  • A customer experience is built over an extended period of time, starting before the actual sales experience or transaction to include pre and post purchase experiences;
  • The journey consists of numerous touchpoints between the customer and the organisation or the brand; these touchpoints need to be carefully designed and managed;
  • Each touchpoint has the potential for innovation.

They also delve into the process of innovation within organizations and compare product and service innovation strategies. They end with methods for evaluating innovation projects and a typology of Business Model Innovation, Process/System Innovation and Service Product Innovation that recalls Doblin’s 10 Types of Innovation.

The references section also includes some nice service design resources that hadn’t made their way across my radar.

[via CX Labs]

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