Hamfisted Service Recovery

Jason Weisberger reports on an unfortunate attempt at service recovery. Weisberger bought a $5000 camera through Amazon and was disappointed at how the camera was shipped. He complained to the camera store directly and they blew him off. So he gave them negative feedback:

Rude on the phone. Really, Really, poorly packaged. I think they could have used enough bubble wrap or packing materials when sending a $5k camera. It was shifting around in the box. Would not buy from again.

At that point, the people at Cameta Camera realized they had a problem. They should have picked up on that a good deal sooner but once they finally took action their approach to service recovery came off looking like a bribe. They offered him $75 (the cost of shipping) on the condition that he retract his feedback.

From a service recovery perspective, they could have offered him the refund when he initially called and smoothed out the problem. It was an outcome error (poor packaging) that could reasonably have been balanced with a financial response. But after they compounded the problem with dispassionate customer service they created a process error, not an outcome error. And financial compensation is never adequate for a process error.

They probably deserve to be publicly pilloried at this point, but if they had responded to Weisberger’s feedback with a sincere apology, they might have been able to contain the damage by avoiding a rant on his blog and the subsequent exposure.

[via Boing Boing]

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