International Service Innovation Design Conference

Service Innovation Design: Dongseo University Korea
October 20-22, 2008

Call for Papers:

The term “service” does not merely indicate working for the benefit of others in the spirit of self-sacrifice. It is in fact a concept that describes shouldering the burden of time or effort for someone else, and is a valid economic action.

The service industry occupies a large share of the real gross domestic product (GDP) of developed nations such as the United States, EU and Japan (an impressive 70%, according to the last year’s World Bank statistics (World Development Indicators). When such a high percentage is involved, any improvement in the productivity and quality of service would impact directly on national prosperity. In a bid to improve service productivity, which compares poorly to that of manufacturing, Service Science, a new area of study that examines service itself, is being advocated. Its disciplines are found in the realm of IT, business schools, and management studies, and design is not part of the equation. However, one cannot improve the productivity and quality of service without drawing on design or its science. The situation calls for an input from the power of design to create a service that satisfies needs that even the user was not clearly aware of, along with the design of physical components of that service. If we are to enjoy national prosperity, we must pursue service innovation design that builds on the foundation of service science research and makes it a reality.

The International “Service Innovation Design Conference” will be held for researchers and designers who have a strong interest in this field in order to accelerate their activities through the exchange of information and the discussion of the framework and process of service innovation design. It is expected that the conference would bring a huge benefit for all participants.

The Conference Chair and Organizing Committee members warmly invite you to submit your paper. Any field relating to Service Innovation Design will be favorable for the conference.

Chair of Conference: Kazuo Sugiyama Vice President, International Association of Societies of Design Research Dongseo University

Sponsors: Design and Brand Policy Division, Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy Korea Institution of Design and Promotion(KIDP)

Paper submission schedule

Summary submission: June 25
Notice of acceptance: July 10
Full paper submission: August 31

Summary: Maximum 700 words
Full Paper: Maximum A4 10 Pages

Details from: Secretary Sung Pil Lee (Dongseo University)
Telephone: 82.51.320.1846 / 82.11.9104.0963
E-mail: Sungplee [at]

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