Visualize, Formulate, and Choreograph

I stumbled across a nice overview of service design on the Max web design blog: Service designers visualize, formulate, and choreograph solutions.

The author hits all the service design bases (touchpoints, front and back stage, etc.) but what caught my attention was how he frames the discipline. This is one of the few discussions I’ve encountered that recognizes service design as a branch of interaction design, explicitly mentioning human–human interactions as well as human–artifact interactions.

I’d probably add human–system and human–environment interaction but I think he’s on the right track.

  1. Stefan Holmlid

    It is a nice and compact description of service design, with its origin at

    At one can find a range of publications, and the Service Design Network manifesto.

    For the ones interested in research projects here are a few links to explore:

    /Stefan Holmlid

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