Transcript: Don Norman on Service Design

Back in April, Don Norman gave a guest lecture at the Institute of Design in Chicago focusing on service design. It took me a few months, but I finally tracked down a copy of the talk.

Now that I’ve listened to the lecture a couple times I’ve got a better idea where Norman is going with this. He makes some good points about the importance of back stage operations but I don’t agree with his assertion that operations and design are the same topic. He seems disappointed with much of the existing service design literature and treats Pine and Gilmore with mild disdain. The lecture goes on a rambling tour of theme parks, fast food, hospitals, hotels and banking, with some great anecdotes and pointers toward interesting research.

At 678MB the whole thing is tough to download, so I’ve stripped away the video and put together a transcript of the lecture along with a podcast of the talk [64.8MB]. There’s also about half an hour of questions at the end of the podcast.

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