Universities Exploring Service Design

Lauren from the Letters to Australia blog rounds up a global list of universities with service design in their curriculum.

To that list of 11 universities I’d also add the new service design course at the Rhode Island School of Design and the five-week service design exploration as part of the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design pilot year curriculum.

Update: There are a couple more schools listed in the comments. Also, the Institute of Design has been teaching service design since at least 2006.

  1. Qin

    And University of Dundee’s Master of Design and M.Sc Design Ethonograph that cover multi-disciplinary design research and practices – service design included of course 🙂

  2. Aalborg University, school of Architecture and Design has been teaching and research methodologies and strategies for service design for several years now. Some of the results of such work have been collected in a wiki: servicedesign.wikispaces.com

  3. Hi, i am currently studying on the CIID pilot year, and although our formal 5 week service design block is next year our work already is always thinking service design and about crafting the beautiful experience for the user. This week we were learning video prototyping, and had to develop a service design concept for this exercise!

  4. Cameron T

    The service design major at the University of Technology, Sydney was aspirational and is not currently being offered to my knowledge. I was there but am now at Parsons The New School for Design which is currently offering Social Service Design courses in the BFA and BBA at the School of Design Strategies, and will be offering grad level courses in an MFA and MS proposed for Fall 2010.

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