Design Management Review Winter 2008

Design Management Review’s entire winter issue is focused on service design. There are 11 articles to check out, by the likes of Mark Jones and Lavrans Løvlie, along with some nice case studies but I’d start with Service Design: An Appraisal:

In this thoughtful analysis, Roberto Saco and Alexis Goncalves map the landscape of service design. They define the discipline and key players, and sketch its potential vis-à-vis growth and profitability. Saco and Goncalves elaborate on the multi-faceted realities of this work with examples from the Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Herman Miller, and Egg Banking. And they wrap things up with a discussion of key principles related to practice.

The authors end with:

The label service design is somewhat unfortunate. Inadvertently, we have all conspired to fuse together two twenty-first-century meta-narratives — services and design — into a heady mélange of skepticism and hope. And yet consider: Has it ever been any different for the new, the emergent, and the truly transformative?

[via Choosenick]

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