The Importance of Ecosystems

Core77 has an interesting post comparing the Amazon Kindle and Sony eReader: Kindle Wins Despite Crappy Design:

As more and more products turn into sleek little rectangles, here’s a disturbing thought collated from several sources noting product trends: What if in the future, the importance of industrial design takes a backseat to “product ecosystems?”

Design is about more than posters and toasters; I don’t find that disturbing or worrisome in the slightest. But if someone can come along with a device that marries beautiful industrial design with a robust ecosystem, it’ll clean Amazon’s clock.

[via RISD]

  1. Exactly! Great point.

    On a similar note, I’m looking forward to how the Google G1 develops with its open source Android software market. How refreshing a change from walled gardens? It’s not the prettiest, or features the best UI, but this approach makes it intriguing to me. Watch this space…

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