Service Design Patterns

Victor Lombardi has a new service design wiki focusing on design patterns. The examples seem to be pulled from his own experience but the idea of collecting service design patterns in a centralized location shows potential.

See also: Nico Morelli’s wiki.

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the props! I didn’t know the wiki was so public already, I was hoping to spruce it up a little before announcing it, but I’m glad to hear you think it has potential. I’m all ears if you have specific suggestions about how it could grow.


  2. Jeff

    I think the service design community could really benefit from this pattern library initiative.

    If you’re looking for community participation, I might suggest not signing the entries. I considered adding some info about “service recovery” to the Say You’re Sorry pattern you started but then I saw your name at the end and didn’t want to put words in your mouth.

  3. Ah, interesting. I was trying to start the same sort of conversational convention used on WikiWikiWeb, e.g.

    But I can see how that can be off-putting. I tried adjusting the formatting to show ownership for just that one example:

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