Transformation Design in Business Week

Bruce Nussbaum nibbles around the edges of Transformation Design in a post over at Business Week.

We are having a great conversation on one of the most important subjects in our lives—how we can change our broken institutions and out-dated culture to survive and thrive within 21st century forces… Design is the answer. I use the term “transformation” to capture the immensity of the task ahead of us and to guide us in the magnitude of that task, but the actual tools, methodologies and, yes, philosophy of that mission is found within the space of design and design thinking.

Experientia notes that Nussbaum unfortunately omits any reference to the extensive work by the Design Council in the UK on the concept of transformation design. It also irks me that he routinely overlooks Carnegie Mellon when mentioning the schools approaching design from this perspective.

Update: More on transformation design at BW.

  1. Nussbaum can be a trifle irksome. He has a big reach which is good I guess.

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