Access vs Ownership

Kevin Kelly’s post on renting, sharing, access, possession and ownership is generating a spirited discussion over on his Technium blog. His take: Access trumps possession; access is better than ownership.

[via Frontier]

  1. Qin

    Hi Jeff,

    it kinda ethoes Live|Work’s Service Envy concept – using rather than owning!

    Although Live|Work switch to promote ‘Service Thinking’ now… they invent funny names for things/ideas, don’t they? Wonder if the glossary helps them to differentiate themselves in the crowded Service Design consultancy market in London ;o)

  2. Jeff

    Hi Qin,

    I’d say it definitely resonates with Live|Work’s “we are what we do, not what we own” point of view.

    Thanks for the pointer toward Service Thinking, I hadn’t come across that term before. Anything that helps push forward the conversation is welcome in my opinion.

  3. Qin

    well… it is on their website:

    Also comes with it is the
    ‘Service Design + Service Thinking = Service Equity’

    Eh… i just came across it last night as well… was about to blog it but think I’d better take some time to think if it is a fresh new concept or just another way to marketing…

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