US Service Design Education

A while back, Lauren Tan from the Letters to Australia weblog rounded up a terrific summary of service design education from around the world. There have been a few developments on the home front since then so I thought I’d put together an expanded list of US service design education.

It seems like both CMU and the Institute of Design could do more to promote their service design programs. The Interaction Design Institute Ivrea was a master at this. Virtually every aspect of their Zoom In Zoom Out service design course was published online, and supplemented by student weblogs. Carnegie Mellon maintains course documents on a protected intranet and I have no idea whether ID archives anything at all.

The newer programs are taking advantage of this vacuum to evangelize their offerings. ITP and RISD both maintain public weblogs and reading lists, and the iSchool at Berkeley puts most of their course documents online. The Savannah College of Art and Design is another matter entirely. For a program that’s launching in less than six months their service design MFA is the most covert undertaking I’ve ever seen.

Any other service design courses or universities I’m overlooking? Add them to the comments and I’ll update the post.

  1. Liz Gerber

    Don Norman and I, Liz Gerber, will be teaching a Service Design course at Northwestern’s Segal Design Institute this spring (’09). We are preparing the course and do not yet have a URL to which we can direct you. We’re looking forward to teaching Service Design to Engineering Design and MBA students.

  2. Ryan Armbruster

    I developed and am currently in the third year of teaching a service design course for Masters in Healthcare Adminstration students at the University of Minnesota (recently ranked the #2 program in by USNews)

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