The Sceptical Futuryst

Stuart Candy, of the The Sceptical Futuryst weblog has been doing a better job than me at mapping the history of service evidencing and its relationship to other concepts such as tangible futures, experiential futures, ambient foresight and future artifacts (with a great example of evidencing from Pentagram).

I like this account of a woman completely missing the point when confronted with a bronze plaque commemorating survivors of a hypothetical future bird flu epidemic:

[She] stood before it for a good few minutes, taking it all in — the fresh leis; the scale of the tragedy outlined in the inscription (the likes of which the city has not seen since the 19th century); and the occasion of the memorial’s supposed dedication 2017 date (almost ten years forward, to the day). “Ha!”, she snorted, “They got the date wrong!”

Lots of good stuff to sift through here.

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