Service Design Overview

In the mid 1990s, researchers at Arizona State University characterized the early stages of interest in the design of services as the “crawling out” phase (1953-79), followed by the “scurrying around” phase (1980-85) and culminating in the “walking erect” phase (1986-present).

From the perspective of the design community (at least here in the US) it feels like that final phase is still over the horizon. It’d be charitable to say that we’re “scurrying around.” The upside is that I’m seeing more and more enthusiasm for the subject so I thought I’d step back and recap some of the fundamental “what is service design” presentations I’ve rounded up over the past couple years here at Design for Service.

Also, a collection of service case studies:
Innovation in Experiential Services – London School of Business
Live|Work – UK Service Design Consultancy
Seizing the White Space – Peer Insight

Finally, Doblin’s Ten Types of Innovation framework relating to the Process, Offering, Delivery, and Finance capabilities of an organization provides some valuable insight.

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