Service Blueprinting: A Key to Service Innovation

The Knowledge@W.P.Carey newsletter features an article on Service Blueprinting: A Key to Service Innovation. The authors outline the service blueprinting process through a case study at ARAMARK Lake Powell that mixes a bit of customer journey mapping with traditional blueprinting. It doesn’t help that the article includes a literal image of an architectural blueprint, since service blueprints are altogether different, but this is a good introduction to the technique.

  1. Fabian

    It seems it’s just a short teaser for the proper article published in California Management Review a while ago:;jsessionid=5PGBB5WGXZALGAKRGWDSELQBKE0YIISW?id=CMR397&_requestid=60490

    By googling “Service Blueprinting: A Practical Technique for Service Innovation” you can find a direct pdf-version of the article as well.

  2. Jeff

    Thanks Fabian. I’ve included an overview of that paper (in its unpublished form) in the collection of academic papers on blueprinting in the “service blueprints” link in my post.

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