Empowering Consumers by Elevating Service Experience

If you find yourself on the east coast this summer, Design Continuum is teaching a free half-day workshop on service design for the Business Innovation Factory in Providence, Rhode Island. Empowering Consumers by Elevating Service Experience. It’s scheduled for May 18, 2009 and open to the public.

Identifying opportunities for service moments. Creating systems that support them. Crafting meaningful experiences. Service Design is the multi-disciplinary practice of arranging the functional and emotional aspects of a customer’s journey.

Design firm Continuum returns to BIF for a half-day workshop to teach the principles of service design and how to apply them to a diverse set of situations. You’ll learn by doing through this highly-interactive and collaborative experience and gain new perspective on how to define problems and identify solutions. In the end, you’ll walk away with tools and approaches that can be applied to your own business challenges.

Continuum is a surprising player in the service design space but they really seem to have embraced it. Last year Craig LaRosa presented a similarly titled set of service design case studies at the SDN conference and the firm also sponsored a service design course at Carnegie Mellon University.

Here’s more of Craig LaRosa, principal of brand experience at Continuum, expounding on service design.

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