Two Years of Design for Service

Two years ago today I sat down at my keyboard and started writing Design for Service. Things were a little quiet at first (the blog had five visitors its first month) but over the past two years a chorus of voices have joined the conversation.

Today I’m making a few changes to reflect that evolving landscape. I’ve added a new blogroll to the sidebar to replace the now-defunct and more than doubled the list of consultancies exploring this aspect of design.

I’m pleased to see service design gathering momentum and eager to see where the discipline takes us from here. Thanks for coming along on the journey.

  1. redjotter

    Thank you for sharing your journey Jeff! I wonder what the next couple of years have in store for us…

  2. Well done for making it this far Jeff – you’re an inspiration!

  3. Thanks Jeff – this page:
    is a huge asset to the SD community.

  4. Brilliant content Jeff, I continue to learn a heap and hope to contribute soon, thank you

  5. congrats Jeff 🙂


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