Bill Buxton on Sketching an Experience

Marc Fonteijn points to a presentation on the design of experiences by Bill Buxton at MIX09. It expands on Buxton’s thoughts in his excellent Sketching User Experiences. Here’s a pretty comprehensive live blog of the presentation that appears to border on transcript-quality.

Here’s the challenge — if you can’t sketch it in a few seconds, how can you capture its essence? We need the same speed and versatility of designing experience, otherwise we’d better start rethinking the structure of the design process. […]

So how do we do it? When I think about design, I think you need to come up with multiples. You’re not allowed to have made a decision as a designer, your role is to ask the right questions that get us to the right answer. Designers don’t come up with solutions, they come up with provocative choices.


Again, how? Well, certainly don’t write code, as a start, sketch. I don’t care how good you are at Blend or Photoshop, you can do the first iteration faster with a post-it note.

Buxton is mainly concerned with experiences in the UX space; facilitated by products rather than services. But his ideas are still interesting food for thought.

[via 31Volts]

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