Five Ways to Redesign a City

My post on casual carpooling from last year is featured in an article by Rachel Abrams for the Summer issue of Design Council Magazine in the UK. She focuses on five different urban case studies reflecting information design, social interaction, wayfinding, mass transit and green living.

Five Ways to Redesign a City [PDF 1MB].

Every city needs its designers. In all their variety, cities are a mass of contradictions: clockwork routine and swirling chaos, colossal infrastructure and intangible emotion, individual exuberance and the anonymous crowd.

Someone needs to make sense of it all. Design, in all its forms, can make cities work more effectively. In essence, that’s because it can broker relationships between people. It may call on skills from all kinds of other disciplines — research, psychology, product prototyping, computer science, animation, information and interface design, to name but a few.

Except for the photo of the Golden Gate Bridge (casual carpooling involves the less-picturesque Bay Bridge) it’s a pretty good cultural translation.

  1. Coming from a design background myself I really enjoyed ‘Five Ways to Redesign a City’, thanks!

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