ThinkPublic Video

ThinkPublic seems to have cornered the market on charming service design videos. Past efforts focused on explaining particular concepts like co-design or experience but their newest offering provides an overview of the company itself along with a compilation of their recent work.

I’m fascinated by the way they’ve embraced video. Off the top of my head I can’t think of any other design firm that uses the medium in this way. Video communicates much differently than a white paper or a website. These films encapsulate a short, digestable argument, and while they’re easy to consume they’re not easy to produce.

I get the feeling that the service design community would take notice regardless of the medium, but I don’t think we’re the audience. ThinkPublic is crafting a message for people who don’t necessarily design for a living. I get the sense that a PDF would be too impersonal.

Or maybe they just like chalkboard animations.

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