Service Design Seminar in Vaasa, Finland

The Vaasa Swedish School of Vaasa, Kauppapuistikko is hosting a service design seminar on May 25th, 2009 from 11am – 5pm. Service through Customer-oriented Service Design [PDF 58K]. The event description isn’t in English, but the best translation I can cobble together gives this overview:

Stringency and scarcity are forcing innovation. This requires new thinking, improved efficiency of dormant resources and a deeper understanding of customers and consumers. How can we serve customers even better than before? How to strengthen the position of the company in the customer’s consciousness? When a customer invests globally, products and services form a comprehensive network.

Service design has quickly risen as a new tool for companies to develop attractive services. Svenska School and Western Finland Design Center have shaped a research project examining the market and service design possibilities to reform corporate innovation. The program closes with four case studies, a service design methodology and project results.

Scheduled talks include:

  • Service with the help of storytelling
  • Service design and its benefits to business
  • Key user methods to improve services

The event wraps up with four case studies from Svenska School and Western Finland Design Center examining services such as the Vaasa telephone company and Finland Post.

Admission is 100 euros but attendance is free to the first 50 participants (maximum of two participants per organization).

Sign up via e-mail (jens.nyman at no later than Wednesday, May 13th.

If you’re a native speaker I’d appreciate confirmation of what I’ve translated above. I’m not 100% sure about the location of this event. More details here.

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