Bypassing Baggage Claim

I’m travelling this week and next, so my posting schedule is a little off, but I thought I’d briefly comment about a service I noticed during my flight.

United has advertisements on their drink napkins for door-to-door baggage shipment. The idea is that instead of checking your luggage, or cramming more of it into the overhead compartments you can call the airline and they’ll pick it up from your home and overnight it via FedEx to your destination.

This is actually something I’ve done on my own once or twice but I didn’t realize it had been codifed into an official service. Several competing services in fact.

It makes sense for airlines to actively promote offloading baggage to 3rd party carriers in order to reduce the strain on their own systems. From the passenger point of view it’s probably cheaper just to check your luggage and pay extra fees directly, but from my past experience that’s offset by the appeal of bypassing baggage claim altogether.

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