Service Design Research Blog

Earlier this month European academics Daniela Sangiorgi, Stefano Maffei and Nicola Morelli launched a promising new initiative focused on service design research:

While Service Design is now being acknowledged by most within the design community, the various initiatives, events and research projects that aim to define what Service Design is and does are starting to grow in number with little focus and on shaky foundations. Likewise, design practices are quickly evolving to stretch existing boundaries and to question again the reason and need for this specialization.

Representing Lancaster University in the UK, Politecnico di Milano in Italy and Aalborg University in Denmark, they argue that there needs to be a space for reflection about service design; about its theories and practices. The researchers aim to consolidate a base of knowledge, experiences and opinions on the discipline.

To begin with they’ve posted a series of interviews with design researchers. I look forward to seeing this effort grow.

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