Service Design Worldwide

Service design has really grown over the last year or so. It’s encouraging to see the community begin to coalesce around efforts like the recent reading circle in Amsterdam and service design drinks in Utrecht and London.

Where else is service design happening? Are there other hot spots that are starting to catch on? To find out I’m starting an experiment called Service Design Worldwide. If you’re studying service design, practicing as a service designer or simply interested in the discipline I invite you to stop by and add your city to the growing service design map.

I’m working on adding universities and design firms, but for right now let’s just focus on individuals. Don’t worry if your city is already marked, just add it again. That way we can get some rough totals. As we go, I’ll update with more detail.

My goal is to highlight unknown concentrations of interest around the world. Who knows? It might even spark a few community initiatives. Thanks for your help.

Update: I’ve added some universities and design firms to the map. There’s been a great turnout so far.

  1. Another great initiative Jeff!

  2. redjotter

    Is there anyway we can get more info on the people who mark their city?

  3. Jeff

    Google isn’t too keen on their maps being used to mark identifiable people. Rather than use this as a lookup tool, I was hoping it would be inspiring simply to see the community mapped out.

    Eventually clusters might emerge, but to make it a little more useful I’ve also added schools and design firms to the map.

  4. Filipe Campelo


    I’m a professor of service design in the Escola de Design Unisinos (Porto Alegre, Brazil). How can I post this info in the map?

    Congratulations for your great idea!


  5. Dear Jeff

    A great idea and a truly useful service. Looking forward to when we can contact firms and people through the map.

    We are a company based in Denmark that practices service design, how can I put us on the map?

    Kind regards
    Hatch & Bloom

  6. Jeff

    I’ve added a few more companies and universities to the map. If you’d like to add a particular organization, just post in the comments and I’ll take care of it.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. JE

    i’m from Seoul in korea. i can’t see the map.
    I wanna add seoul in Service design map.

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