Directing an Experience

One important distinction between service design and experience design involves the theme of control. This interview with the lead designer of the upcoming video game God of War III struck me as a perfect example (emphasis mine):

The idea is that the game is crafted to be a cinematic experience. Expertly and lovingly pieced together. “Directed” the way a film is. You won’t find any Grand Theft Auto style open-world elements in God of War III, because the fun you find on your own might not be as great as the fun the team can make for you. And they’re not willing to take that risk.

Video games are one of the few examples of digital interaction that rise to the level of an experience. Emotionally engaging and multi-sensory in a way most software can’t match.

But crafting such an immersive experience comes at a price. Control is pretty much baked into the discipline.

Playstation Magazine [PDF 4.6MB]

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