Service Design Worldwide: Update

After a month in the wild eighty-five people have added their city to the service design worldwide map. I’ve also added a second and third layer of markers representing industry and education.

This map helps reify well-known patterns of service design practice throughout Europe but it also exposes a few surprising pockets of activity in Mexico City and Taipei and demonstrates some emerging interest in New Zealand and Australia.

Looking at the distribution it’s pretty clear that I’m living in the wrong part of the world. Based on this map I’m making immediate plans to move to that tiny island someone marked in the middle of the Caribbean where more appears to be going on. Even by US standards, San Francisco seems awfully isolated when it comes to service design. That’s a little sobering but it’s not altogether surprising given the long-standing dominance of Silicon Valley on the design landscape out here.

If you haven’t participated yet, take a moment to head over and add your city to the growing service design map.

  1. Qin

    Nothing from mainland China like Shanghai or Beijing? that is surprising… eh…

  2. Jeff

    Hi Qin, That might be due to a language barrier rather than to an actual lack of service design in those areas. People in Shanghai or Beijing may not have heard about the map.

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