The Limitations of Magic

Every now and then an old post of mine gets dredged up and has life pumped into it from another blog. This can bring some new readers that are further afield than usual, and with them a different perspective. Last week a couple blogs picked up a random post of mine on service commoditization from February and I learned something new. In my post I mentioned that I pretty much expect FedEx to provide overnight delivery to anywhere in the world, and that it’s too bad that such a magical service has come to be viewed as a commodity.

Well it turns out that FedEx can’t deliver a package overnight to anywhere in the world. Or perhaps they can but they won’t. I’m a bit disappointed to learn that. Apparently it takes a minimum of four days to ship a package between the United States and Finland for example. Four days!

All this time I’ve been taking for granted a service that doesn’t even exist yet. It makes me wonder what other services have been coasting along on the benefit of the doubt.

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