Service Design in Australia

There’s a three-page article on service design [PDF 1.6MB] by Damian Kernahan in the winter edition of Fast Thinking, an Australian business magazine.

To introduce his argument Kernahan leverages probably the best statistic service designers have — from a 2007 Bain study highlighting the gap between companies who think they deliver a superior service and customers who agree.

Kernahan delves into the culture and techniques surrounding service design and focuses on five topics: people, service propositions, touchpoints, systems and shared value. It’s a nice overview. There’s also a brief sidebar on Qantas airlines that deserves to be expanded into a full case study.

This seems like a great way to introduce service design to a business audience. I’d love to see something similar in Fast Company here in the states.

  1. Great find, Jeff. A great primer for everyone in an organization.

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