The Architect of Experience

The one-week-old service design program at the Savannah College of Art and Design has cleverly managed to find its way into the pages of Fast Company. In a brief interview called Architect of Experience: Conversation With a Service Designer (conducted by the president of SCAD) professor Peter Fossick does quite a bit to put service design on the radar.

Everything is moving toward service design. Design is becoming more intangible, less about product and more about the experience of the product. Look at Vélib’, the bicycle rental program in Paris. The technology is ancient — it’s a bicycle, after all — but the program is so brilliant thanks to the service architecture. I’m not saying we’ll stop inventing new products. I’m just saying that designing the experience of the product is becoming just as fundamental as the product itself.

More of this please. Carnegie Mellon? ID? Berkeley? Northwestern? RISD? SVA? NYU? I’m looking at you.

  1. That’s a facinating article – thanks for spreading the word. I’m a big fan of Service Design taught on the University level… I’d love to see it reaching out to the smaller schools, like Webster and Drury – where I went.

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