This is Service Design Thinking

Looks like another service design publication is in the works, this time with a healthy dose of co-creation. Marc Stickdorn, Jakob Schneider and Fergus Bisset have set up a website called This is Service Design Thinking for members of the community to suggest tools and techniques for the core of the book.

If you are into service design or design thinking or however you call our field of work, you are most probably dealing with a set of methods and tools every day — share these with us! Make your ideas of service design thinking valuable for a larger audience. Establish your approach by putting it down to printed paper and help us building a conceptual base for our discipline.

Like the recent Designing Services with Innovative Methods the initial section of this book will introduce the discipline with contributions from various authors while the end will focus on a handful of service design case studies.

I keep hoping that someone will write a book with about ten pages of 18-point type introducing the idea of service design with the rest of the book devoted entirely to presenting highly visual service design vignettes. A picture-book written for non-designers to grasp the discipline and its potential.

That’s not what this is, but there’s still plenty of evangelization yet to do inside our ranks. Hence the focus on tools and techniques. The project is still in the early stages but it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on as it develops.

  1. Jakob Schneider

    Thank you. We really appreciate you mentioning our project. I’ll keep that 18-point-thing in mind. 😉

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