SDN Conference 2009

The Service Design Network has posted photos and presentations from last month’s conference in Madeira. The best overview I’ve seen so far is Jamin Hegeman’s recap of the festivities.

A few of the presentations seem to have been omitted from the SDN archive so I’ve done some sleuthing around the internet to bring them back into the fold. The easiest to find was Asier Perez’ presentation on co-design. He uploaded it to slideshare right after the conference: Co-creation sucks.

The presentations from the larger design firms like Continuum, IDEO and Engine were a bit harder to track down. For those, I’ve cobbled together recaps from Twitter along with images from Flickr. Andy Polaine and Thomas Schönweitz both did an extraordinary job documenting the conference and between the two of them I’ve reconstructed the following three talks:

Four other presentations continue to elude me, including Jesse James Garrett’s presentation on Design for Engagement, Julia Schaeper’s talk on the NHS and Joe Heapy’s keynote presentation, but I’m sure they’ll be covered by the videos due next week on the SDN website. Stay tuned.

Update: They’ve added the videos.

  1. Nice job on the recaps. I did have more photos of people’s slides for my own usage, but I can upload them if anyone thinks it would be a useful thing. Most of them are now on the SDN site along with videos of the main room presentations, including the ones you mentioned:

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