Business Origami

UX guru Jess McMullin presented a technique called “Business Origami” at CanUX 2009 today in Alberta. Details are a little sketchy but it seems to be a paper prototyping technique for services. Participants at the workshop described it as an early planning method with paper dolls and pop-up books.

At first blush it reminds me a bit of Jo Reid’s “Model Storming” as well as the “Envisioner” toolkit described by Jeanette Blomberg in Participatory Design Principles. But at a macro-level.

Here are a few more photos. Rawwr!

  1. Hey Jeff,

    Yes, business origami is like paper prototyping for multichannel design…and I’m still working out the best ways to use it, but mostly thinking of it as a collaborative workshop activity to describe current and future scenarios, contexts and environments.



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