Nordic Service Design Conference

Nordic Service Design Conference by Francisds

I’ve been following a few recaps of the Nordic service design conference last week in Oslo. Tom Halsør, Nina Lysbakken, Qin Han and Matt Cottam each have interesting photosets on Flickr, including quite a few photos about a co-created supper held during the conference.

Joyce Yee has written a nice overview at Design Dictator but if you really want to wade into the thick of things check out the Oslo School of Architecture and Design for a couple dozen papers and abstracts from the proceedings.

Looks like next year’s conference will be in Sweden at Linköping University. No word yet on the date but I’m happy to see the organizers translate this into an annual affair [the conference will be bi-annual starting next year — thanks Fabian].

Update: A video of Marc Stickdorn’s presentation from the conference is available on Vimeo.

  1. Hi,
    Fabian from Linköping. The date for next year’s conference isn’t set yet but it will be roughly the same time, but we’ll keep the american Thanksgiving in min though.

    As or schedule, there will be a conference next year but after that it is planned to be bi-annual. Why not bi-annual straight away; we want it to be held the years in which the Nordic Design Conference ( isn’t held. It is also bi-annual and was held earlier this autumn.

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