Innovation is Served

31Volts’ new book on service design was released yesterday by the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs. Entitled Innovation is Served, the 56-page booklet offers a brief overview of service design process and methodology along with eight miniature service design vignettes from Engine, IDEO, STBY and others highlighting service companies around the world.

I had been looking forward to the book since they announced it last month but only a fraction of the content is in English. The photos and the graphic design are quite nice, but since I don’t read Dutch I ran the PDF through Google’s translation engine to generate a rough English version for myself. A few of the idioms don’t quite translate and it’s missing the lovely Rijksoverheid typeface of the original but now you can follow the basic outline rather than just admiring the photographs.

Innovation is Served is a good model for spreading the word about service design to a lay audience. I’d prefer a bit more detail in the case studies but 31Volts has done an admirable job hitting the design highlights and staying out of the weeds.

Update: Looks like they’ve had enough interest to release an official English translation [PDF 1.7MB] so I’ve removed the link to my ad hoc version of the document.

  1. Thanks Jeff!

    Nice to have a international version now. Thanks. We are working on a English translation of all text. I’m not quiet sure if we are able tot produce a full English version of the entire book because it’s an production made by the Ministry of Economic Affair. But, with all the positive attention and vast amount of downloads, we might be able to get things moving.

    Marcel, 31Volts

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