Value-based Service Systems

Irene Ng’s new weblog from the University of Exeter offers some fantastic business perspective into services. Her recent post on systems thinking, service and business schools reads like a call for service design:

Who is responsible for customer experience? The answer is, of course, everyone and every discipline, but we know what happens when we say everyone — it basically means no one. Just like public goods. No ownership means no one will do anything about it. Business Schools haven’t even come round to discussing this yet — simply because no discipline owns the problem, the problem doesn’t exist right?

I really love the voice on her blog. The posts are extensive and rich with insight. It’s shaping up to be a must-read, particularly for those of us without MBAs.

  1. Hi,
    Great Topic Customer Service but like many subjects it is not even talked about in Business schools. Let’s face it though neither is how to make money which is the fundamental of business. Possibly the reasons for this are that the lecturer’s know about economics and finance etc, but know nothing about the importance of customer service. Having managed large groups of staff within Groups I can assure you that your customer is the company’s within that Group and if you do not have that fact foremost in your mind you are doomed to fail. Equally in a customer facing role you must always remember that the paying customer is King. Without the paying customer you do not have a business. Notice I say Paying customer not just customer as many would like not to pay but that is another issue. My experience is that if you look after the customer most everything else will fall into place but without that first discipline in place you will be battling for survival.

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