Unexpected Courtesy

The Domus Academy in Milan is launching a new Masters in Service Design for the coming academic year and they’re hosting a service design competition for prospective students. Unexpected Courtesty [PDF 604K] is a response to the recent disruption of travel due to the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull.

Your design challenge is a service concept that a Company could offer to its customer for relieving damages.

It should be a simple, suitable and feasible idea like a courtesy kit offered by the company, a temporary facility to host people’s activities, a communication package, or any other service plus that companies could offer to benefit their clients at a reasonable cost.

I’ve criticized design competitions in the past and this one suffers from some of the same flaws but it’s in the context of a scholarship for design education rather than flat-out corporate exploitation so I’m inclined to be lenient.

Two winning students (one EU citizen and one non-EU citizen) will receive 50% tuition to the Domus Academy’s service design masters program in January.

The deadline is September 6th, 2010. Entries should be five pages or fewer and will be judged by a jury composed of design educators (Birgit Mager and Elena Pacenti) and corporate executives from the hospitality industry.

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