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Next month the American Institute of Graphic Arts will be holding a panel discussion on service design here in San Francisco. Hugh Dubberly, Jamin Hegeman and Chris McCarthy will take part in a one and a half hour discussion, along with plenty of crowd participation, moderated by Josh Levine.

Service design is an emerging discipline that is already an integral part of many design practices in Europe, but is only starting to take hold here in the States. Up until now, little attention has been paid to this shift in design thinking, but that’s changing as companies are starting to see the immense benefit of thinking about how their services are crafted and ultimately experienced.

Is service design the next big growth opportunity for designers? Come learn about this nascent field, which aims to analyze, streamline and improve upon the emotional dimensions of a service that, in the end, add up to a great customer experience.

The event will take place on Thursday, September 16th at 7pm at the Center for Architecture + Design in the financial district. Attendance for non-AIGA members is $15.

A former advisor of mine from CMU has a new article out at interactions magazine comparing service design and experience design. It covers familiar territory but one point that might seem unexpected is her characterization of service design (and UX) as sub disciplines of interaction design. It’s something Dick Buchanan alluded to in his closing keynote at Emergence three years ago.

For this to make any sense it helps to understand that the School of Design at CMU frames interaction design as something substantially more than digital interface design. Interaction design encompasses human interaction with objects, people, environments and systems.

It’s not a widely held perspective outside of the Pittsburgh diaspora. But over the past five years I’ve found the service design community to be far and away the most sympathetic with that spirit. That’s why I’m here.

Out of Print

It looks like last year’s Designing Services with Innovative Methods is out of print, or at least no longer available from the TaiK bookshop. But it’s essentially a collection of individual essays and a few of them are floating around the internet.

Fran Samalionis’ article Can Designers Help Deliver Better Services? [PDF 7.6MB] has been available on IDEO’s website for ages and a modified version of Marc Stickdorn’s article on Service Design in Tourism [PDF 436k] is available from the proceedings at the first Nordic conference on service design last winter.

But the crown jewel is Satu Miettinen’s detailed 10-page glossary on service design terminology [PDF 76k]. It’s full of references and further reading. I remarked earlier that it really deserved wider circulation so I’m happy to see it available.