Out of Print

It looks like last year’s Designing Services with Innovative Methods is out of print, or at least no longer available from the TaiK bookshop. But it’s essentially a collection of individual essays and a few of them are floating around the internet.

Fran Samalionis’ article Can Designers Help Deliver Better Services? [PDF 7.6MB] has been available on IDEO’s website for ages and a modified version of Marc Stickdorn’s article on Service Design in Tourism [PDF 436k] is available from the proceedings at the first Nordic conference on service design last winter.

But the crown jewel is Satu Miettinen’s detailed 10-page glossary on service design terminology [PDF 76k]. It’s full of references and further reading. I remarked earlier that it really deserved wider circulation so I’m happy to see it available.

  1. Fabian

    Stefan Holmlids piece is built on a previous article by him as well. Check out “INTERACTION DESIGN AND SERVICE DESIGN: EXPANDING A COMPARISON OF DESIGN DISCIPLINES” at http://www.nordes.org/data/uploads/papers/143.pdf

  2. Thanks for this Jeff – I’ve been really disappointed I haven’t been able to get my hands on this book but this is great.

    Perfect timing, cheers!

  3. Hi Jeff,

    The book was a success and it’s now available as ebook at Ellibs (http://www.ellibs.com/book/9789525018424).
    I’m currently working with new service design research project called “Service Design for Elderly”. This is about service design and co-production of services. I’m planning a book on “social design and service production”. Idea is to relate a series of UnConferences in the editing process. We are having a first UnConference on social design in Kuopio, Finland on the 15th of September, 2010. After this another one in Milan in November with Marianne Recchia. I’m also planning a bench marking trip to US. I wonder if there would be people interested in UnConference on social design.

  4. The service design glossary is really useful! Thanks for this.
    As you said, it deserves a wider circulation, so I started suggesting it in my blog.

    @Satu Miettinen
    I am going to attend to the Milan Unconference, maybe we will see there.

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