Service Design Global Conference in Stockholm

I’m at SFO waiting for my flight later this afternoon to the 2014 Service Design Global Conference in Stockholm. After attending the 2010 and 2011 SDN conferences in Berlin and San Francisco I missed the most recent gatherings in Paris and Cardiff so there’s a bit of a learning curve.

The most obvious difference is the rebranding as “Service Design Global Conference” rather than “Service Design Network.” That change apparently happened last year at Cardiff but given the venue this year I’m curious about the overlap with the popular Nordic Service Design Conference from years past.

I co-presented a workshop at SDN Berlin but this year my role is primarily to document the proceedings. Stockholm consultancy Veryday invited me and it seemed like a good way to catch up on what I’ve missed over the past couple years.

I’ll be posting here at Design for Service about the sessions I attend over the next few days. If you find yourself in Stockholm stop by and say hello.

  1. Stefan Holmlid

    the “Nordic” conference you are referring to became international already 2010.
    It’s an international academic conference on topics of relevance to design for service and service innovation; with the academic conversations on knowledge creation and sharing. The SDN conference is a network conference for a professional’s society or a service design promotion organisation. In what ways there is an overlap, probably has to do with what take-homes a visitor wants from a conference.
    ServDes.2014 was held in Lancaster, and ServDes.2016 will be held in Copenhagen.
    The conference archive, with papers and all, can be found here:

    all the best

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