Malin Orebäck on the Full Circle of Winners

Malin Orebäck is the Director of Design Strategy at Veryday. She closed out the first day of the conference in Stockholm with a presentation on services that aim to create a “full circle of winners” rather than taking a zero-sum approach. Her overviews focused on Pollution, Criminality, Education and Hunger with each service identifying a way to build solutions for all stakeholders rather than creating winners and losers. The focus on what she calls “the big challenges” resonated with Kigge Mal Hvid’s plea earlier in the day to address systemic problems.

Malin’s talk was primarily an inspirational collection of vignettes but it also included some high-level guidelines for identifying these types of opportunities. She ended with the observation that “if you don’t look for win-win scenarios you’ll only see trade-offs.”

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