Stan Phelps on Lagniappe

I enjoyed Stan Phelps’ talk on the unexpected extras that make a service memorable. He spins off the French/Spanish word “Lagniappe” which refers to the practice of giving something more or a little something extra. I’ve explored this idea but it’s inspiring to see the concept illustrated so richly.

Most of Stan’s examples come from his book “What’s Your Purple Goldfish?” which he says should be available for free today (though I’m not sure that’s kicked in yet). I’m curious about the 12-types taxonomy he developed. I’m still not entirely clear about the time difference but hopefully the shipment will beat me back to San Francisco. Update: Looks like it’s the Kindle version that’s available for free.

Most of these presentations and slides should be available online after the conference. This particular presentation is especially worth checking out as a nice example of how to complement an oral presentation with visuals that support the message rather than simply repeating it.

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